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Lisboa Neighbourhoods for vacation rentals


Alfama is one of Lisbon’s most famous neighbourhoods and for that reason, you cannot miss it. What is so special about Alfama? Well, it has been preserving its essence and popular legacy throughout times. It was the birthplace of the majority of Portuguese fishermen communities and, nowadays, still being home for manytraditional Portuguese families. It is considered as the Fado origin and you can listen, feel or even taste its deepest authenticity for everywhere: restaurants, streets and people. Immerse yourself in the genuine beauty of Alfama.


Graça is like a small village inside a city with outstanding views over Lisbon’s seven hills. It is a very typical neighbourhood full of cafes, pastries, bars and restaurants. Graça is next to Alfama and São Vicente as well as Costa do Castelo, where you can find the gorgeous Castelo de São Jorge. We challenge you to discover Graça. Open you your heart.


Mouraria was the name given to this neighbourhood when Dom Afonso Henriques conquer Lisbon to Muslims (“Mouros” said in Portuguese). Here, it was raised the foundations of the Manuelino architectural style and it is another Fado’s strong root: the worldwide well known fado singer Mariza, is from Mouraria. With a huge and rich cultural diversity, Mouraria show us, fearless, its soul.

Costa do Castelo

Costa do Castelo surrounds Castelo de São Jorge. From here you can see the Tejo river and for brief moments, you free yourself of the city euphoria. Deep breath, extend the moment. Costa do Castelo has a great Portuguese traditional gastronomic offer. Although the touristic component, it also is a very desired residential area. You can experience Costa do Castelo magic in each corner.

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Estrela is a residential neighbourhood more than a touristic place, still, very pleasant to have a walk. Its biggest attraction is Basílica da Estrela and the garden next to it, which connect to the Tram 28. Estrela is the owner of a special cultural and religious dynamism. We invite you to know it and we promise you won’t regret.

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After Lisbon’s administrative reorganization in 2012, Lapa was aggregated to Estrela, Santos-o-Velho and Prazeres, all in the same district. Due to the proximity to Estrela, both have a similar genesis. Lapa is the home of the Assembleia da República and it is the house of Portugal’s Prime Minister too. It keeps a cosy grace and receive every visitor with open arms.

Príncipe Real

Príncipe Real is Lisbon’s most cosmopolitan neighbourhood. It is called the chic neighbour of Bairro Alto, eclectic and peaceful during the day conversely to the night which is really vivid. Príncipe Real is a commercial place surrounded by gardens, iconic buildings and antique stores. It won a lot of attractiveness to shopping during the last years due to its diversity: art shops, decor, designer clothes and vintage clothing. Príncipe Real is exquisite and seduces its visitors with its own charm.

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Campo de Ourique

Campo de Ourique has won a lot of popularity during the last years and it is relevant to mention that there were uncountable emblematic characters who lived here. Throughout times, we witnessed the opening of many deco and fabric stores and for that reason, Campo de Ourique is one of the favorite places of decorators and designers. It is the neighborhood with more street shopping and exhibit a variety of buildings from XX century with Arte Nouveau style. Stay here and feel as a “lisboeta” for some days. It\'s all right to fall in love with Lisbon.

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Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is the main night destination since, at the end of the day, everyone confluence there in state of revelry. Besides, it also is one of Lisbon most avant-garde neighbourhood. Bairro Alto has a great variety of bars, night clubs, restaurants and alternative commerce which is very attractive for young artists who find inspiration here. Bring curiosity, only this way you will be able to find Bairro Alto’s deepest secrets.


More than a neighbourhood, Restauradores is one of the city’s main plazas. Here you can find some very important historic references such as the beauty Portuguese pavement and the high obelisk which represents Portugal’s liberation from Spain in 1640. Restauradores is between Avenida da Liberdade and Praça do Rossio, where you can catch the Tram of Gloria which establish connection to Bairro Alto until the viewpoint of São Pedro de Alcântara. On the other hand, Restauradores is a daily passing area for hundreds of people who live or work here. Each perspective is scented with wonderful details, find them.

Avenida da Liberdade

Avenida da Liberdade is the city’s main avenue and connect Marquês de Pombal to Restauradores. Although the road tracks it has wide walks decorated with gardens, the Portuguese pavement and very nice kiosks to get some rest. The statues and fountains decorating it give it an uneven touch. Avenida da Liberdade also is the home for the majority of Lisbon theaters where you can watch Operas or Ballets in addition to the usual theater plays. On the other hand, you can find here the luxury national and international brands which made Avenida da Liberdade a place to investment par excellence. Avenida is sophisticated and lush without forgeting its roots.


Rossio is a very centric neighbourhood and it is also one of the most beautiful antique squares in the Baixa Lisboeta. It is always full of people and hosts some relevant tourist points such as the theater D.Maria II and Rossio Station, which establish connection with Sintra. Rossio has a huge variety of activities and experiences for all tastes.

Marquês de Pombal

Marquês de Pombal is where city’s main arteries confluence and it also has a special meaning since its statue is a tribute to Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo (Marquês de Pombal) who rebuilt the entire city after the terrible earthquake of 1755. Parque Eduardo VII is next to Marquês de Pombal and has a precious view over the square. This is a very populated area due to the Tour Sightseeing bus station. Marquês de Pombal also is an important business center. Confident of himself, Marquês does not disappoint his visitors.\n


Saldanha witnessed a lot of changes throughout the last years, is a residential neighborhood neighbourhood with two shopping centers. With wide sidewalks and a bicycle path along the avenue is a very desired place by families for long stays. The Pastelaria Versailles is a reference due to its decoration and the variety of pastries they have. Saldanha transmits a priceless pride and an innovative spirit.\n


Anjos has been transforming into one of the youngest residential places of the city. It is very artistic and engaged with the community. Anjos resurged when it seemed forgotten. Similar to LX Factory, is where creativity and innovation take place to impact the city. Anjo’s neighbourhood is boiling looking forward to show is cultural wealth.


Arroios is mainly a familiar area very interesting to live due to its centrality and easy access. It balanced tranquility with fun grabbed New York Times’s attention for its urban rehabilitation interculturality. Arroios is ambitious and challenges itself to be more and better every day. \n


Pena’s neighbourhood despite being the birth place of the biggest Portuguese fado singer of all times - Amália Rodrigues - is not so popular as other neighbourhood. However, it is full of stories since everyone knows each other very well. Torel garden is a very sought place because part of it was reinvented as urban beach. Lavra elevator connect Pena to Restauradores in a few minutes. Pena smells good, smells like Lisbon! (“Cheira bem, cheira a Lisboa” is a very well known quote of one of the most important Amália Rodrigues’ songs) \n

Penha de França

Penha de França has one of the best viewpoints over the city because it is on top of one of the seven hills. It keeps a masterful aura because the neighbourhood of middle-upper-class families. It has been evolving in a sustainable way with a lot of tradition. Those who visit it want to stay and come back as many times as possible.

Parque das Nações

Comparatively to every other neighbourhood, Parque das Nações is the more modern since it was completely rebuilt to host the Expo 98. Since then, it was converted into one of the capital main points for business. Its main attractions are: the Altice Arena (dedicated to shows), the cable car, Lisbon’s Oceanarium and Oriente Station. Parque das Nações is very international and inspirational.


Bica is the picturesque one. The city’s smaller neighbourhood. It always had a straight relationship with the maritime life of Tejo. Here you listen to Fado while you walk between the flowery buildings. This area was heavily publicized due to its popular genesis. Bica became a place of entertainment and night life too. Bica elevator connect it to Cais do Sodré and Bairro Alto. To try to describe Bica is a pure utopia.


Baixa Pombalina is Lisbon’s heart and one of the more relevant commercial points in the historic center. Design and Fashion Museum, Santa Justa elevator and the monumental Rua Augusta Arc are the main attractions here. It is a fascinating and very photogenic place. It also is one of the few flat areas in the city and for that reason is easy to walk here. Praça do Comércio is astonishing and have many restaurants to enjoy the place. Everyone falls in love with Baixa.


Chiado is an emblematic neighbourhood between Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina. It was the center of Portuguese romanticism and a mandatory place to those who wanted to be known in the city. Nowadays, Chiado is one of the most expensive neighbourhood very required by tourists. Santa Justa elevator connect Chiado to Baixa and it has a recent viewpoint in the Carmo ruins. Here you live Lisbon’s history. Even more than that, you live Portugal’s history.

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina has a privileged view over the Tejo river due to its position in one of the seven hills. The majority of the residential houses here are antique and preserve their original architecture. Its narrow streets don’t allow cars and for that reason the access here is conditioned to residents. You will find an Adamastor’s statue from Os Lusíadas in the viewpoint with the same name. Santa Catarina has a unique glowing when the sun comes out. Come to see it.

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Baixa Deluxe Apartments

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Baixa Deluxe Apartments

Rentabilidade de 14.000€ em Jan/2018


Baixa Deluxe Apartments

Rentabilidade de 14.000€ em Jan/2018