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RentExperience has 3 different partnership formats to companies and individuals interested in increasing any properties’ profitability.

On the other hand, we also have the right infrastructure to help owners to reach the best performance possible in the Vacation Rental modality.

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Do you want to become a RentExperience agent?

Concerning this version, particulars and companies bridge the gap between the owners and the RentExperience in exchange for a commission for each closed deal.

There is a fixed amount per property and this value change according to the properties’ characteristics. This is the perfect modality for Real Estate agents which sell properties by investors’ request and see in the Vacation Rentals a solution to capitalize a property.

Regarding this modality, individuals and companies have access to CaptHost with the purpose of to manage bookings and properties’ performance.

In addition, on top of the fixed commission, there is a variable commission which is a percentage of the RentExperience´s commission from each booking. This is the perfect version to international investors’ representatives with who we establish a direct contact about all matters concerning the property.

Do you want to open a RentExperience office?

In order to ignite RentExperience’s commercial expansion, we are very interested in establishing relationships with vacation rental agencies which desire to enrich their portfolio or to open a RentExperience office in their region. This modality is based on our current infrastructure: operational management, properties’ management, channel managers, revenue management and results optimization.   

About RentExperience

RentExperience professionally manages properties for Vacation Rental since 2010. Our broad knowledge in the local lodging business allied to our expertise in the Portuguese market allowed us to partner with more than 100 national and international owners.

We carefully manage more than 200 properties representing more than 10.000 bookings of experience. 

RentExperience differentiates from other agencies by investing in processes and people. Our biggest goal is to be able to offer a unique experience to property owners and guests. For that reason, we are very transparent in all relationships and procedures we establish. And we truly believe that that´s our success key.

RentExperience can act along with Real Estate agents and individuals. We help define the ideal property through a customized profitability analysis in the vacation rental model. We can also guide all property owners in the process of fully prepare their properties for Vacation Rental. Our innovative driver and customer focused market orientation make us more agile and efficient in achieving the desired results.

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