• RentExperience doesn’t work with this business model ate the moment. The commission model is the best way we know to be fair for both sides and establish a successful partnership. This version demands RentExperience’s constant dedication in order to ensure the property’s profitability increment. You can envision the average income you will receive with RentExperience on our simulator.

  • For properties in the Total Management plan, you can be at 1 or even 10.000 km of your property that RentExperience will do everything to ensure the best profitability possible of your property while taking care of it.

  • The process is very easy. Please contact us for [email protected] mentioning your property’s exact location and characteristics (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc) and attach some photos. If you want to trust us an entire building, this will not be a problem, we manage this kind of cases as well.

  • RentExperience works based on a commission over the booked properties and there are not any other costs involved. However, RentExperience offers some complementary services which owners can add in their plan. Each one of these extras has their own price. More

  • On one hand, RentExperience’s Virtual Management plan has a worldwide extension. On the other hand, the Total Management plan is only available (in Portugal) for Lisbon and Algarve. Soon it will be also available for Oporto.


  • The owner has the duty to honor all bookings. However, the owner can refuse a guest if at the check-in moment:

    • The guest has a strange behavior;
    • The guest is drunk;
    • The guest is under the influence of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances;
    • The guest doesn’t show the official identification of all guests.
  • RentExperience is responsible to deal with every booking request and guests’ doubts which may occur. We have an expert team ready to take care efficiently of this kind of matters providing fast answers. The way we see it, this is crucial to increase the conversion rate. All requests are directly answered in their correspondent channel, or through a HelpDesk channel.   

  • For the owner's protection, we have created 3 different cancelation formats: Flexible, Moderate and Heavy. When the moment to sign the contract comes, we recommend to the owners which modality is the best to their specific case. It is important to mention that these three versions are based on the same two variables: refund percentage and the number of previous days to the check-in guests have to respect in order to cancel their booking. In the Flexible modality, we ensure a full refund even if the cancelation is made close to the check-in date. In the Moderate modality, there is a full refund just if the guest cancelation is made within a previous time (example: 30 days), otherwise, there won’t be a refund. In the Heavy modality, there isn’t a refund, or, the guest needs to cancel well in advance. More


  • Usually, the payments are made until the second week of each month, regarding the bookings of the previous month.

  • No. RentExperience doesn’t take any fee for the transactions, however, the financial entities can do it.

  • RentExperience’s most common payment method is the bank transfer. However, if you prefer another method you can agree about it with our accounting department.

  • RentExperience works with a gateway which accepts credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. The payments verification is a priority to RentExperience. In addition, it is mandatory for booking confirmation. On the other hand, this action protects the owner if there is any damage in the property caused by a guest.


  • It is normal to receive a not so good review once in a while. In order to improve service’s performance we never leave people without an answer. Yet, in general, we don’t have any reviews above average and that is our biggest proof of dedication.

  • Usually we promote a property as much as possible. However, the owner can choose to work with only one channel without any restriction from us.

  • Yes. We believe the guest has the right to pay for the best price and price parity between channels runs counter to this premise. That's why we applied the mark-up for the channel commission based on the daily base price agreed between RentExperience and the owner.

  • Commissions are different according to each selling channel. However, owners don’t need to worry about that since the selling channels’ commission is a mark-up over the daily base price agreed between RentExperience and the owner.

  • «More exposure means more bookings». This is our philosophy. We work with dozens of selling channels in order to constantly increase our connections. The main channels RentExperience is integrated with are, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, FlipKey, Room-o-Rama, Holiday Letting, VRBO, HouseTrip, Only Apartments, 9Flats, Niumba, Tourico, FlipKey, Expedia and much more…

Check-ins and Cleaning

  • These services are offered for the Total Management plan. For the Virtual Management plan these services are in the owner's hands.

  • On one hand, cleaning is included in the Total Management plan and it is carried out by professionals. For this modality, RentExperience is responsible for all cleaning operations in order to ensure the best service possible. On the other hand, for the Virtual Management plan, cleaning is an owners’ responsibility.  

  • RentExperience offers this service for the Total Management plan in Lisbon and Algarve (Oporto soon). For the Virtual Management plan, this task is an owners’ responsibility.

  • For the Total Management plan, this service is RentExperience’s responsibility. Conversely, for the Virtual Management plan, check-ins are in the owner’s hands.

  • Yes but only in the Total Management plan. However, we only do it in the geographic areas we are (Lisbon and Algarve, and Oporto soon).

Complementary Services

  • Yes. As soon as you send us your property’s data and photos, we will develop a pre-evaluation study. If your property fulfils the minimum requirements, a market study will be prepared for your property without any inherent cost.

  • Yes. For the Total Management plan, we collect the Tourist Fee. For now, the Tourist Fee only is mandatory for properties in Lisbon, Cascais and Oporto.

  • Yes. It is mandatory to communicate all guests’ personal data with SEF. You can do it manually or trust it to RentExperience. This is a service included in the Total Management plan.

  • Yes. We have an Interior Photography specialized team. The cost of the service changes according to the city and the property’s typology. This service has an extra cost that is charged from the amounts earned from the bookings.

  • There are too many bureaucracies, it’s true, however, we have the right people to help you. If you don’t have time to take care of your property’s legalization, we can do it for you. This is a Complementary Service and for that reason has an extra cost.

  • No problem, we can do it since this is one of our main Complementary Services. You don’t need to worry about it anymore. RentExperience takes care of it and gives you full access so you can be able to monitor it in real time whenever you want. This is a Complementary Service and for that reason has an extra cost.


  • We always suggest a security deposit for every property in order to ensure that any damage that is caused by the guests is previously assured. This kind of situation is managed by RentExperience for the Total Management plan. In addition, RentExperience also has several security procedures previously contracted with guests in order to minimize the occurrence of these situations.

  • We have the right people to help you. No matter your nationality or living country, we develop a free and customized fiscal study in order to guarantee the best fiscal framework for your activity.

  • Yes. RentExperience works with complete transparency. However, if you don’t have your property legalized, we can help you with all bureaucracy and advise you about the best way to do it.

Online Platform

  • No. Platform’s management is authorized to every owner who works with RentExperience, free of costs.

  • RentExperience’s online platform has many features such as:

    • Keeping up with bookings in real time
    • Monitoring costs and incomes
    • Managing legal documents
    • Billing automatization
    • Saving dates so you can stay in your own property.

    As many others.