We take care of your property as if it was ours

Professionally managed properties for vacation rentals in Portugal

Complete management of your most valuable asset:

...your peace of mind​

Excuse me. May we come in?

When we manage a property, it is much more than another home in our portfolio. We understand the importance that each apartment represents to its owner. The attachment and dedication that were taken to build your nest.

For this reason, we not only ensure above-average results, but we strive to care and transform your home into an unforgettable experience for the guest.

It is uncomplicated to come to RentExperience

By bringing your property to our care, we ensure agility and efficiency in the legal registration and exposure. Our onboarding team is structured to perform all procedures in time to maximize your investment.

Do not worry about past reservations. We have experience in the migration process so nothing gets in the way.

Someone to rely on

Being a RentExperience client you will benefit from an account manager, dedicated to providing a direct relationship and total transparency with the day to day of your property.

Whether in the coordination of maintenance or in the relationship with neighbors and law regulators.

Revenue Management experts

With your property under our care, the profitability of your asset is now managed by professionals specialized in revenue management analysis.

Not only do we use software that analyzes the fluctuations in the value of the Average Daily Rates, but we have more than 8 years of know-how dedicated to the management of properties for holiday letting in Portugal.

Control and security of your choice

Keep track of all the ins and outs that occur on your property in real time.

Also, know who is in your apartment and the amount you have to receive for your stay. This information and much more are just a click away with the exclusive Owner Management platform from RentExperience.

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As an owner, RentExperience property managing company is the best and most professional company I worked with. Professional team, commitment spirit and always thinking from owner’s perspective are always making sure I feel very relieved that handing over my apt to their hands when I am not in Lisbon.
— Kitty - China